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Why Pick Guardian?

Fast  Response Time

Professional Agents

Simple Online Enrollment

Top Of The Line Insurance

  • We offer one day response time and make sure you will be attended to.

  • Fast and great service

  • From Our professional we will offer you the best that we have.
  • Top quality insurance agents
  • Quick, Easy, Simple way to enroll for Guardian Insurance

  • Top of the line insurance, So you don't have to worry about anything.

About Us

Guardian Insurance  is the leading Insurance Firm in the VEI Tri State Area.  Located in the heart of Times Square, GI provides affordable and customizable  insurance policies to protect VE firms from all potential liabilities of operating a VEI business.  

The mission of Guardian Insurance is to adopt a culture of equity and integrity; using honesty, respect, and affordable policies to provide a safety net for the risks that arise when operating a VEI business.  

Focusing solely on business insurance, we are the solution to providing that safety net every firm needs - protection and focus no one else will. 


 Every firm has a journey.  Every journey needs a Guardian 

“For every journey there is guardian: To protect and insure you along the way”

Juan Pacheco Romero

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